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Prompt Preview 1: Gen Prompts

Please be warned, this post will contain spoilers for series 1-3. We will endeavour to warn for any possible series 4 spoilers. Spoiler prompts will be marked immediately after the prompt number.

Prompt Preview 1: Gen Prompts

Prompt #10
Characters/Pairings: RPF Bradley James, his father, GEN
Era: one hiatus between seasons, not particular about the year.
Prompt: Bradley is visiting his father in Jacksonville, Florida during the hiatus. They're on their way home from somewhere when they're unexpectedly caught in a hurricane (there was no warning on the news for one), but somehow, they make it home in one piece and the house is intact, too. That night, Bradley has a terrible nightmare about his father dying in the hurricane (maybe they saw some people die while trying to get home?) and wakes up screaming, which leads to his father comforting him and taking care of him (you know, making sure he's not trying to sleep in sweat-soaked sheets and pajamas - not nice or comfortable at all, stuff like that).
Squicks: No incest, please!
Maximum Rating: I'm guessing this doesn't need more than a PG.
Additional Info: Since the name of Bradley's father is not known, I would love it if the author used the name Steven. I don't know why, but I really like it.

Prompt #11
Characters/Pairings: RPF, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Anthony Head, Bradley James/Angel Coulby pairing.
Era: during filming of Series One or Series Two
Prompt: I'm sure you've all seen Bradley tweeting that made-up German word a while ago, and it made me think. What if he was actually fluent in German (despite struggling with French) and the rest of the cast find out when his relatives from Germany come to visit / they are all for some reason filming in Germany and his relatives visit him there? And Bradley is talking with them in German like it's the most natural thing in the world, while everyone else goes Huh?
Squicks: no porn for this, please
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Additional Info: I read in an interview that Bradley has relatives who live in Germany, then he tweeted that made-up German word, both of which resulted in this prompt.

Prompt #25
Characters/Pairings: Morgana (Uther, Morgause, Merlin)
Era: canon
Prompt: "Howl" by Florence and the Machine
If you could only see the beast you've made of me
I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free
Screaming in the dark, I howl when we're apart
drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

Squicks: hardcore kinks like scat, excessive fluff, major character death, extreme OCCness
Maximum Rating: NC-17 but I'd prefer it NOT to be porny
Additional Info: Would love something focusing on Morgana's character and how the influence/actions of Merlin, Morgause & Uther have affected her. Don't mind hints at Merlin/Morgana or Morgana/Morgause but I'd prefer it to be more gen than anything else.

Prompt #47
Characters/Pairings: Lancelot, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana, Uther (and anyone else you want to include)
Era: modern American!AU/"Heroes" crossover
Prompt: The modern Merlin characters set in the Heroes universe. Lancelot meets Isaac and they are both (obviously) freaked out by the fact that they're identical. But are they twins separated at birth or are they something else??
Squicks: mpreg, non-con, hardcore kinks, lots of fluff, extreme OOCness, crack
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Additional Info: I'm not looking for the Merlin characters to be cast as characters from Heroes. I want them to be themselves just... with super powers and set in the Heroes universe. I'm happy with this being gen, but if you want to include some Merlin ships, then I would prefer NO Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Morgana or Uther/Anyone please. (Though Arthur/Merlin is always welcome!) Up to author what powers the Merlin characters have and also which Heroes characters you include (other than Isaac). Though you get bonus points for Peter & Sylar and EVEN MORE bonus points for hints of Peter/Sylar! ;D

Prompt #54
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Merlin (Arthur/Merlin) + anyone else you want
Era: no preference
Prompt: "HELP! HELP! I'M BEING REPRESSED!" ~ from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
Squicks: mpreg, scat/watersports, non-con, gender bend, major character death
Maximum Rating: R
Additional Info: Crack is most welcome for this one! Slash or gen is fine

Prompt #60 - CLAIMED FOR FIC
Characters/Pairings: Gen, or Arthur/Merlin, or anyone male/anyone male
Era: canon, before Morgana went officially evil
Prompt: There's Internet in Camelot. A bit like in the 2009 Children in Need special. And Morgana writes slash fic.
Squicks: watersports/scat, non-con and mpreg (unless it's Morgana writing about non-con and mpreg and forever scarring the boys, in which case bring it on)
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Additional Info: I will give a pony to whoever writes this.

Prompt #66 - CLAIMED FOR FIC
Characters/Pairings: Merlin + Gwaine OR Will OR Lancelot
Era: either canon, pre-canon or future canon
Prompt: "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." ~ Henry David Thoreau
Squicks: non-con, mpreg, scat/watersports/etc, BDSM, excessive fluff, major character death, gender bend
Maximum Rating: Any
Additional Info: Can be slash or gen, I don't mind.

Prompt #72
Characters/Pairings: Ygraine, Uther, Balinor, Hunith, Goloris, Arthur, Merlin, Morgause, Morgana
Era: canon or pre-canon
Prompt: The truth is, Ygraine had two daughters before she and Uther had to use magic to conceive Arthur. So, basically...
Ygraine + Goloris = Morgana
Ygraine + Balinor = Morgause
Ygraine + Uther = Arthur
Balinor + Hunith = Merlin
Squicks: hardcore kinks, fluff, death of any of the four "children", gender bend, mpreg, explicit sex scenes between the parents, Arthur/Gwen or Arthur/Morgana
Maximum Rating: PG-13/R (but keep it gen please!)
Additional Info: I don't care if you have to play around with canon/timelines/character's ages to make this work, I just really like the idea that Arthur, Morgana, Morgause and Merlin are all related (well, Merlin's only related to Morgause, but you get the idea). You can either focus on the parent's story or on the "children" and them all discovering the truth.

Prompt #105
Characters/Pairings: Leon/Merlin
Era: canon timeline, post s2
Prompt: After his father dies, Merlin decides to learn how to use weapons in the hopes that no one important to him will die to save him ever again (Just in case magic isn't an option at the time). Assuming he'll never convince Arthur to take him seriously, he goes to Leon for help. Leon agrees, and is surprised by Merlin's endless ambition and determination to train, to the point of Merlin almost driving himself into the ground with all the stress.

Leon takes it upon himself to find the source of Merlin's determination. Through training, actual fights, whatever means necessary, Leon finally finds out the truth and helps Merlin deal with everything.
Squicks: Watersports, Scat, ridiculously sappy nicknames/excessive fluff, major character death, 1st person POV
Maximum Rating: 17+
Additional Info: Magic reveal optional, but I'd love to see Leon just managing to push too far somehow - and Merlin snaps, breaking down and confessing everything, and Leon helping him pick up the pieces - and then still helping Merlin train. Lots of angst/UST is awesome! I guess it doesn't HAVE to be slash, they could just be friends. But bonus points for it ending up as slash after Merlin realises Leon truly does care and isn't going to share Merlin's secrets. =)

Prompt #108
Characters/Pairings: Merlin, Morgana, M/M possible
Era: AU
Prompt: The Secret Garden
Squicks: Watersports, Scat, ridiculously sappy nicknames/excessive fluff, major character death, 1st person POV
Maximum Rating: 17+
Additional Info: You can stay true to The Secret Garden or you can make it the same concept but in modern day, whatever. I just love the idea of Morgana coming in, changing Merlin's life, helping him to walk/see the world/etc... and possibly ending up together. Though Gen is TOTALLY COOL too!

Prompt #109
Characters/Pairings: Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Leon, etc...
Era: Modern AU in America
Prompt: Broadway
Squicks: Watersports, Scat, ridiculously sappy nicknames/excessive fluff, major character death, 1st person POV
Maximum Rating: 17+
Additional Info: Open prompt. Just would love an AU of our characters loving/acting/experiencing Broadway in NYC! Any pairing, or gen.

Prompt #125 - CLAIMED FOR FIC
Characters/Pairings: merlin, rory, anyone else of your choosing
Era: AU
Prompt: Merlin ends talking with the Last Centurion Rory.
Squicks: Slash, the Doctor (I love him, but want this to be strictly Rory), fluff
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Additional Info: This is a world with no stars.

Prompt #126
Characters/Pairings: gwen/arthur, merlin, the knights, evil!morgana, pre-evil!morgana
Era: AU (Inception)
Prompt: Arthur is the world's best extractor, who is now grieving his wife and is assigned to go into the mind Morgana.
Squicks: Slash, fluff
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Additional Info: You can decide who is on the team.

Prompt #127
Characters/Pairings: Gawain, the knights, merlin, arthur
Era: bbc!merlin
Prompt: They find out about Gawain's noble background...
Squicks: Slash, over-emotional scenes
Maximum Rating: PG-13

Prompt #128
Characters/Pairings: arthur, an OC, anyone else of your choosing
Era: possible future
Prompt: Arthur meets his sister's husband Urien of Rheged.
Squicks: Slash, melodrama, stereotypical villainy
Maximum Rating: the sky's the limit

Prompt #135
Characters/Pairings: Morgana, Uther
Era: any
Stepchild, you have outlived your time
You represent embarrassment and failure
And the father who must be killed
Is the blight upon your blighted life
And his might is his legal right
To ground you down
[full lyrics]
The Father Who Must Be Killed by Morrissey
Squicks: formal BDSM, hardcore kinks
Maximum Rating: any
Additional Info: Would be the perfect song for a fanvid, imho, but fic or art would be great too!

Prompt #137
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, (And anyone else you want to include)
Era: Future Fic / Present Day
Prompt: "But Arthur’s grave is nowhere seen, whence antiquity of fables still claims that he will return."
William of Malmesbury in the early 12th century
When Arthur is finally mortally wounded in battle Morgana takes him to Avalon (your choice who else has joined him there). Legend has it that he will return. But time runs differently in Avalon and when Arthur is eventually cured of his wounds after [somewhat realistic but short timeframe] and finally returns to reclaim the throne of his kingdom he finds himself in the present with the throne being held by Elizabeth II. (Your choice who else is going to return with him and whether Arthur actually succeeds in reclaiming the throne.)
Squicks: explicit sex
Maximum Rating: R (if it's for violence or language)
Additional Info: This shouldn't be about pairings/ships, so please keep it Gen in that sense.

Prompt #155 - CLAIMED FOR FIC
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Era: Canon
Prompt: I love things that deal with/show Merlin's ability to turn into animals and his connection to nature/animals and really explore that. I would like to see a future!work that uses this. Maybe Merlin uses this to get behind enemy lines and bring back information or uses this in battle or uses this within the court in some way? I'm not picky! I just want to see how this aspect of his magic could be used. (I also have this image in my head of Arthur leading his men into battle coming over a ridge and Merlin as his namesake landing on Arthur's raised fist. If that is incorporated in any way I will adore you forever!)
Squicks: I would prefer no bestiality, but other than that I'm hard to squick and really anything goes!
Maximum Rating: 17+
Additional Info: Magical BAMF Merlin is my favorite thing ever. I don't have a preference for fic or art. Either would be loved!

Prompt #168
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Merlin OR Arthur, Merlin Gen
Era: Modern AU
Prompt: Arthur and Merlin are street kids from broken homes who look out for each other. Arthur deals drugs. Merlin steals and sells stolen goods (i.e. cars/car parts). When Arthur runs into some trouble with drug lords, it's up to Merlin to save him.
Squicks: Mpreg, scat, crack, and super slutty boys
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Additional Info: Slash is preferred, but gen is more than okay. And I don't mind if the boys are kinda messed up with drugs and alcohol.

Prompt #176 - CLAIMED FOR FIC
Characters/Pairings: Uther
Era: canon
Prompt: "Standing", sung by Anthony Head (Lyrics here)
Squicks: hardcore kinks, extreme OOC-ness, major character death, reincarnation fics
Maximum Rating: NC-17
Additional Info: Need some fic with Uther being a good father and king, as my poor BtVS-fan heart can't take Anthony Head being the bad guy all the time.

Prompt #182
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen/Merlin
Era: Modern
Prompt: Gwen finds a homeless man who swears he's King Arthur. She goes to best friend Merlin for help in figuring out what to do with him.
Squicks: Watersports, scat, incest, non-con, character bashing.
Maximum Rating: NC17
Additional Info: Though I can see this as gen, too, I'd love if it if turned into a real threesome, with Merlin having been in love with an oblivious Gwen for as long as they've been friends, and then both of them falling for Arthur.

Prompt #183
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen, Gwaine/Merlin, other knights
Era: Canon
Prompt: Rather than let Arthur have Camelot, Morgana destroys it and makes it look like it's his fault. Arthur and everyone are forced to go into hiding as they try and clear his name.
Squicks: Watersports, scat, incest, non-con, character bashing.
Maximum Rating: NC17
Additional Info: Doesn't have to be relationship fic necessarily. I'm mostly interested in seeing them bond together as a unit and work together to return/rebuild Camelot. Feel free to create what other couples you want, as long as there's A/G.

Prompt #186 - CLAIMED FOR FIC
Characters/Pairings: Percival/anyone, or gen w/Percival and whoever author chooses to help
Era: Canon
Prompt: Percival is haunted by memories of his murdered family. Someone helps him through it.
Squicks: Watersports, scat, incest, non-con, character bashing.
Maximum Rating: NC17
Additional Info: Angst, please! And considering the prompt, violence is acceptable.

Prompt #208
Characters/Pairings: Georgia King & Tom Hopper
Era: Um, now.
Prompt: Okay, so either them being BFFLS (they've been friends for a while--since Tormented) or romantic...I'd be delighted with either.
Squicks: um, mpreg, non-con, really, anything that has a title for a kink, a little kink is fine, but nothing too deep.
Maximum Rating: anything goes!
Additional Info: If you want to keep Georgie with Bradley that's cool--but if it could be focused on Georgie & Tom I'd be elated. I think they're too cute together! Not going to lie, this can be fluff--romantic or otherwise.

Mod note: Prompts are generally sorted by the "main" pairing, but some prompts may appear on more than one list, depending on the pairings requested.

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